The visit of Rabbi Yitzchak Kadouri zt"l

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Renowned Kabbalist

Rabbi Yitzchak Kadouri zt"l

visited Yeshivat Bet-El during the summer of 5760 (2000).

At the start of the visit, Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Zalman Melamed shlit"a said

a few short words to the yeshiva students as well as the men, women and children

assembled to greet the elderly sage. Soon, Rabbi Kadouri himself spoke, and took the

opportunity to bless those present, in addition to all residents of the communities of Judea,

Samaria and Gaza; in his blessing, Rav Kadouri expressed the hope that Yesha residents

would dwell safely in their respective towns, and prayed that the Land of Israel should

not fall - God forbid - into the hands of the enemies of the Jewish people.

Following Rav Kadouri, Rabbi Shabtai Sabato - Dean of Yeshivat

Netivot Yosef - also spoke. The special event concluded as

Rabbi Kadouri - accompanied by the children of Bet El

children and other local residents  -

headed to the helicopter awaiting

him atop Mt. Artis.


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