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An update to Yeshiva website viewers


B"H, Shvat 5776


To Yeshiva website viewers



We would like to update and tell you some of the recently renewed developmentson our website:

·        These days the TalmudicEncyclopedia celebrated its 70th anniversary. We are proud of the uniquecooperation between the Yeshiva website and "Yad Harav Herzog", whichbrings to the viewers the "Talmudic Micropedia". These entries wereshortened from the Encyclopedia, which are essentials. We recently added many entriesand hopefully will continue to add more regularly.

·        A few weeks ago, welaunched the project "Parsheni andDarsheni", which operates within Wikiyeshiva."Parsheni" is designed to create a collaborative means including allTorah literature using the viewers. "Darsheni" allows users to bringtheir interpretation, beyond explaining the literal meaning.

·        We are currently finishingthe construction and remodeling of the Jewish calendar on the site. The famouscalendar on the Yeshiva website, containing also the times of the day in Israeland abroad, is used by many who use it any time. The calendarhas been upgraded both technically and its design. We are also adding theoption to create events and publish them as part of the calendar for the public'sbenefit.

·        A new application for browsingin the Yeshiva website was also launched, and can be found on Google Play. Theapplication also automatically sends alerts when there is special content onthe website, such as live broadcasting and so on.

The Gmara on Masechet Sukkah (49 p2) asks on the Passuk "פיה פתחה בחכמה ותורת חסד על לשונה" - "Is there a Torah of grace and a Torah withoutgrace?", and one of the answers is "to teach Torah is the Torah ofgrace, not to teach Torah is a Torah without grace".

You had the privilege to study Torah on the website, and another privilegeis to be partners in practicing the Torah of grace, and help us teach andtransmit the Torah in the most advanced technological tools for hundreds ofthousands of Jews in Israel and around the world every month. We appreciate theassistance of the maintenance outlays site by direct debit or a one-timedonation. You can donate using the site secure form at:

Alternatively, you can leave your details in our contact form and we willcontact you by phone.

Donations are tax-deductible in Israel and you can donate from moneytithe.

Wishing you health and success throughout thedays and years, and thank you for supporting us.

Yeshiva website staff

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