Update to the Yeshiva site surfers

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אריה מינקוב

To the Yeshiva Site friends,

We would like to apprise you with the latest updates we have on the website,

The Yeshiva site lately has started to hold Shabbatonim with leading Rabbis. We get many responses in these Shabbatot.

In the last year, we have upgraded our Jewish calendar section, with new graphic design and an option of adding anniversaries and annual events. We have also upgraded the technical system that holds the whole site; this will allow a faster response time.

Our new Bar Mitzvah calculator engages the Bar mitzvah boy with all the information about his Bar Mitzvah, basic info, lessons, FAQ, etc.

Every month on the Hebrew site,we have approximately 400,000 surfers. On the Fast day of the tenth of Tevet we had over 50,000 surfers on one day. Currently we have 32,000 lessons on the site, both in Hebrew and English; that does include Daf Yomi Lessons and The daily Mishna that are updated every day.

All this investment is broughtto the surfers free of charge and that is due to your support.

"On the first day of the month of Adar the Sanhedrin announced that it was time to prepare the half shekel for the Temple". Therefore now is a good opportunity with the half-Shekel donation to help this great enterprise of spreading the Torah.

Sometimes we plant seeds and only later, we see their produce. For an example see the letter attached:

Dear Rav Vaytzen,

A few years ago, I sent you a question, regarding a girl friend I had, when I was 17–18. I sent several questions on this issue.Today I looked at those questions and I understood what the rabbi tried to tell me all those years ago. I just wanted to thank you on your kind words that came out of the heart and penetrated mine. B"H today, after 9 Years, I am married with kids and also my girlfriend from the age of 17 is also married with kids. Thank you for all your kind words and your help. May you continue to help people in your special way.


Thank you,

The Yeshiva site Team.


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