Special prizes for Yeshiva site surfers

All year you receive from the site, this is your opportunity to a be part of it. You might just win a prize


Dear Yeshiva surfers and friends,

This time we need you!

All year round, Yeshiva.org.il gives you thousands of Torah lessons and hundreds of thousands answers on the site: via WhatsApp, live broadcasts, Personal answers, Halachik times and daily learning.

All this needs many resources from our side. On the yeshiva staff, we have a devoted team of 15members, who give it all in order that you will get good content in the best form. This is the minimum we ask, in order to help us bring the Torah to over half a million of Jews per month, all around the world.


We are now coming out with a big Fundraising, within which they will be drawn many prizes among the donors.

Join us now

(You can receive a tax exemption on donations in Israel)

Among the prizes: A family vacation suite in Jerusalem, a year subscription to the 'Penima'magazine, a full set of 'Peninei Halachah', by HaRav Eliezer Melamed and the famous comic book "Higea Hazman",tickets to the 'Aspaklaria' theater,a Year's benefit from the Rimon Internet filtering, A voucher to purchaseTefillin and more.


How do I join?
Every standing order of 10$ monthly, or a one-time donation of 108$, provides one raffle ticket. Any donor that purchases a ticket could be granted more tickets on the previous donation.


Help us get to half a Million NIS. Together we can do it!

Join us now! Donate and tell your friends

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Alternatively, leave contact details here.


Thank you,

Yeshiva site Team

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