Tammuz 5777


Dear surfers and friends of Yeshiva website,

There is only one day left for the website's fundraising campaign, and withyour help, we have managed to get to 30% of our destination so far. Just onemore effort out of each and every one of you, can help us keep going, andmaintaining the world's biggest yeshiva, to break through, to grow bigger, andto add more light to the internet.

Share it with your friends, and pass it on to everyone who can be a partof this campaign.

That's the right time to remind you that there's a lottery with greatawards for those who donate. Here are just some of them: a family vacation in ahotel suite in Jerusalem, coupons for buying in 'Tefillin Beit El', a free'Rimon' internet, free subscriptions for 'Pnimah' magazine, 'Hegiaa hazman'book series, double tickets for shows of 'Aspaklaria' theater, and more.


Join now!