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B"H, Sivan 5777


Dear Yeshiva surfers and friends,

We are now leading up to the end of our annual donation campaign. We are very sorry to find out that we have reached only 7% of our goal.

All year round, Yeshiva website gives you thousands of Torah lessons and hundreds of thousands of answers on the site all free of charge.

 This time we need you!

Please note that the site is being maintained only from your donations. Lately, we have withdrawn lots of advertisements, since we wanted to preserve the purity and holiness of the site, despite the financial damage. Until now, there has not been a donor who has taken upon himself to help the website continue to spread the light of Hashem to the whole world. The site is held only by the kind donations you make.
We call you to join and help us!

Please forward this note to your family and friends. Together we can succeed.

You can receive a tax exemption on donations in Israel. Also, there is a high chance to win a prize, since there is a limited number of raffle tickets. Among the prizes you can find: A family vacation in a suite in Jerusalem, a year subscription to the 'Penima' magazine, a full set of 'Peninei Halachah' by HaRav Eliezer Melamed, the famous comic book "Higeay Hazman", tickets to the 'Aspaklaria' theater, a Year's benefit from the Rimon Internet filtering, A voucher to purchase Tefillin and more.

We are extending the campaign in another two weeks in order to let more donors join.

Join us now

You may send us back an email with your phone number and we will get back to you.

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