?Metal pieces can teach Torah

While we hike, we can walk a long way for a very long time without feeling any difficulty We think we should feel the same when learning Torah

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When we look at the carrying of the Ark of the Covenant, we can see a special miracle – ‘The Ark carried its bearers' (Sotah 35a). the meaning is that even when it looked like the kohanim are carrying the Ark, it was actually the Ark itself carrying them, and they didn't feel its weight. Sometimes we can feel this feeling when we're hiking, we can hike for a long time, but still enjoy the hike, and not feel the difficulty. The ‘Ben Ish Hai' (Rabbi Yosef Haim of Bagdad), explains that God made this miracle of the Ark, to imply us that we should feel this way when we learn Torah – we shouldn't feel that the Torah is difficult and burdensome, we should feel it's joyful and pleasuring.

Today, we can see this principle in the server farm, a few metal pieces can provide Torah study, halachot and answers to nearly 90,000 people during Tisha B'Av. There's no need in complex logistics, huge halls, and handling, to provide Torah studies to nearly half a million people each month.

The Torah is getting more and more approachable and accessible. In the Yeshiva website's WhatsApp groups for answering questions, there are almost 1000 people getting immediate answers, no matter where they are, and it's all free, with a click of a button, on every console.

In the past few days we have upgraded the entire traffic system of our website, so now the whole website is secured with an SSL protocol, that encrypts the communication between you and our servers.

All of this work is possible thanks to your help, our supporters and partners, in this tremendous right.

We ask you to join us, with all your powers, and help us so we could go on further and further, to reach out, to keep growing and to make the Torah bigger for the Jewish nation worldwide.

The donations are recognized for tax purposes, and you can give them from you Ma'aser money.

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May you all have a good and blessed year.

Shana Tova!

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