New Year just behind the corner

We wish you a sweet and good year.

Aryeh Minkov

New Year just behind the corner 

To all Yeshiva web site friends.
Shalom and blessings,

Our Jewish calendar contains many days. On Avraham Avinu it is said that he was old in days. Although he did not have a Jewish calendar, he came with all his days to the next world.

As the Maggid of Meseritz teaches that there are two types of days: there is a day that man Serves Hashem, and there are days that he does his regular daily things. However, the righteous live as 'In all your ways acknowledge Him'.Though they do the daily things, yet they do it in holy purity. Thus, they come with all their days, serving Hashem and the everyday things are united as one.

The Jewish calendar of the Yeshiva website is popular for its user friendly interface and its accurate Halachik times. In the last year we have added a new feature that allows publicizing free of charge Religious events all over the country. With no doubt the internet is usually used for daily needs, however we try to cast Jewish content and add Torah and holiness in the world. That is with Hashem's help and the support of our partners in this great work.

Lately, we have added a new section on the site, an archive ofhundreds of Psakim sorted and tagged according to topics. The archive is an initiative of Rabbi Baruch Paz Rosh Kollel Dayanut in the Beit-El Yeshiva. On the website you can find all the Psakim that are in our archive.

The English Web site has also been renewed with new graphics and more user-friendly interface. Moreover, behind the scenes the system has been rebuilt and upgraded.

We are in the midst of the building of a system that will allow calculating the Bar Mitzvah date, the right Haftorah, and info and lessons on the Bar Mitzvah.

In addition, we renewed our app. Now it has a widget, which allows viewing the Halachik times on your screen without entering the app.

We are continuing to develop the site, and add new lessons and answers to the many questions that come in and help those who are looking for guidance in taking their first steps in Judaism, in order to spread the light of Hashem, near and far.


We thank all those who would like to take part in this big Mitzvah of spreading the light of Hashem especially approaching the high holidays. May this Mitzvah stand for you and your family.

You may donate also from the Maaser money or from the Kapparot.

Donations over 180 Nis. will grant a free Music album From the Yeshiva website.

Click here to submit your donation on the Secured form or leave here your number and we will get back to you


We wish you a sweet and good year.

The Yeshiva site Staff.


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