We are on our way!

Last hours of our campaign, we are getting closer and closer to our goal, but we still need your help! come join us

The Campaign has started more than 25 hours ago, and we only have a few hours left! we already have 68% of our goal, and that means that over the next hours, Yeshiva website must rais 80,000 Shekels, so that those donations will be tripled by the help of our friends, to the total amount of 240,000 Shekels.

The donation works in the 'All Or Nothing' method, which means that your donation will be passed to us and tripled only if we reach our goal! that is why we need your help TODAY.

Over the last month of Nisan, 580,000 different surfers visited Yeshiva website, our 'Ask The Rabbi' WhatsApp and Telegram groups contain over 1200 different users, and as the time passes we are discovering more and more users from different places over the whole world - New Zeland, hong kong, Europe, the U.S., Syria, Iran, Dubai, and more!

Today, we are doing this campaign in order to build a new headquarters that will allow us to reach more and more surfers, in the whole world.

We are welcoming you to join us, and donate, and by that help spreading the great Torah in the entire world!

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