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Yeshiva website had a busy month, here is a small conclusion for what we did this month

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The month of Sivan was a busy month for Yeshiva website, let us share with you some of our activities:

With the help of God and with the help of many people along the way, we managed to successfully go through the big Fundraising campaign and pass our goal. There is no better time than the days before Matan Torah to keep spreading making the light of the Torah bigger over the entire world. As for this month, Sivan 5778, Yeshiva website contains over 37,000 lessons in Hebrew and English, and more than 90,000 Q&As in both Hebrew and English (Not including the Q&As given in our 8 WhatsApp And Telegram groups).

We even moved to our new headquarters just a few days before the campaign. The sages say that 'Three matters give a person comfort, and they are: A beautiful abode, a beautiful wife, and beautiful vessels', and there's no doubt that our new workplace is giving us a good vibe, and is helping us to keep investing and putting more from ourselves so we can deliver Torah with greatness and quality in new ways to the whole world.

Over the last month, we even had some 'rich people problems' when our storage device in the Server Farm became full to its max because of the big amount of our video lessons. Thank God, we replaced this device with a new one with a bigger storage capacity, and all that without interfering our users to surf as usual.

And for the Finale, we wanted to share two letters we received recently regarding the use and the assistance our website provides our users:

Letter A -

In this opportunity, I want to thank you for this wonderful website – judging from both the contents aspect and the technical aspect: The site is full of Torah lessons and information in all subjects and for all levels, and it’s very easy to use.

Usually, this is the first place for me to go on every subject related to Judaism. Thank you, and Yishar Koach!

Have a good Week!


Letter B –

I wanted to show my support and to call you to continue this holy work, I'm really enjoying your website, the content is written with good taste, and many subjects are well discussed, and are easy to read and delve into. Yishar Koach Gadol.


So, we just wanted to say Thank You, and Yishar Koach For all of you who surf our website and helping us spread the Torah in the whole world!

The Yeshiva website team.

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