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Welcome to Darsheni . This is the home page of Darsheni - a project of

Yeshiva.org.il for encouraging the writing and reviewing of Chidushei Torah.

To date, 529 pages have been written in Darsheni.

You too can author a Darsheni page. Your knowledge of Torah and your ability to create Chidushim (novellae) will assist others who are seeking a deeper level of understanding of Torah. Darsheni pages can be written in either Hebrew or English and the words you write can only be modified by you. As an author you will also benefit from useful comments posted by others on the Talk page associated with your Darsheni page.

For instructions on how to get started in writing Darsheni pages click here! View also How to edit in Hebrew here.

Be sure to visit our sister site – Parsheni, which is accessible from the sidebar. While the goal of Darsheni is to present Chidushim written by a single author, the goal of Parsheni is for many authors to collectively elucidate classic Torah texts. Click here to go to the Parsheni Main page.

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