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Welcome to the Parsheni home page. Parsheni is the free encyclopedia of Torah texts whose goal is to elucidate the entire body of classic Torah texts. You are invited to join us in creating a vast commentary of classic Torah literature by sharing your knowledge. A Parsheni page can be created for any citation in our database of Torah literature, whether it be a page in the Gemara, a specific Tosafos, a paragraph in Rambam, or any of over one million citations in our database. For a complete list of cited texts, click here or on the “Tree of Parsheni pages” button below. Each Parsheni page contains a link to the source text it is discussing, and the user can easily add content including links to other Parsheni pages.

Questions can be sent to Parsheni using the above form or via email to:

Or send a Direct Message to us on Twitter toː @AskParsheni.

To date, content has been added to 10,443 Parsheni pages.

You too can add content to a Parsheni page. Your knowledge of Torah will assist others who are seeking the meaning of Torah texts. Parsheni pages are written in Hebrew to make it universally accessible to all serious students of Torah. For instructions on how to get started in writing Parsheni pages, click here.

Having difficulty understanding a passage in a Torah text? First navigate to the Parsheni page containing the passage, using the Tree of Parsheni pages. If the comments on the Parsheni page don’t already answer your question, click on the Q&A tab and enter your question into the question template. Your question will appear not only on that page, but also on the Parsheni Main page in the “List of open questions” box (see below). Know the answer to one of the open questions? Click on the question in the list and help someone progress in his Torah learning by answering the question. For detailed instructions on how to ask and answer questions, click here.

Be sure to visit our sister site – Darsheni, which is accessible from the sidebar. While the goal of Parsheni is to elucidate Torah texts by means of the classic commentaries, the goal of Darsheni is to share Chidushei Torah on Torah topics. Click here to go to the Darsheni home page.